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Did you know that there are more than 1.5 million* non-profits in the United States?

How are people supposed to find your non-profit or ministry in the midst of those kind of numbers?  A good first step is to have a creative logo paired with a consistent color pallete in all of your publications (online and print).  The idea is to have people able to identify your organization in just a glance.  Fast food restaurants have this down to an art!

Take a moment to think about some fast food restaurants you drive by every day.  I bet you can clearly see several of them.  Their sign and the colors used.

You want to be that recognizable to people too!  I realize that this idea sounds more like a business concept.  And it is.  However, it is a good marketing strategy no matter if you are a non-profit or a for profit business.

I created the logo and color pallete mock up above to show how a designer can help your organization stand out from the other 1.5 million non-profits.  I encourage you and your team to consider creating the same kind of mock up for your ministry or non-profit.  If this is out of your comfort zone then think about hiring a graphic designer to help you.

Let a designer take care of the marketing details.  And you take care of serving the community. Pick a logo and pick your colors.  Then get ready to be recognized!



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