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15 Years Creative Experience


Since 2005

When God called me into full time ministry, I was given the opportunity to write, create artwork, and design printed ministry materials.  I have designed brochures, flyers, business cards, and monthly newsletters for Non-Profit Organizations.  As a writer, I have been blessed to write for Healing Thoughts and Good News Daily since 2008.  I have also created original artwork for several ministry magazines.  The latest creative direction the Lord has led me in has been video production, website design, and book covers.

I truly find joy in every piece of writing, artwork, video, and graphic design that He has me create.  And I look forward to creating for you!

Kirsten Aufhammer

Creative Director

The Artwork

Scripture, Nature, and Mental Health

The three main types of artwork I create find their roots in Scripture, Nature, and Mental Health concepts.  The Scripture art offers a visual representation of a Bible verse or passage.  The Nature art glorifies God’s beauty that surrounds us.  And the Mental Health art gives voice to emotions that are often kept bottled up inside to form bitter roots in our souls.  I have personally found healing in creating these kinds of artwork.  My prayer is that Jesus will heal others through this kind of art too.

Healing Thoughts Online

Healing Thoughts is a Central Florida based Christian newsletter that has been distributed locally, nationally, and globally since 2008.  We are excited to announce that Healing Thoughts has a new online home on the Creative Studios blog.  The current writers for Healing Thoughts Online are Kirsten (writer 2008 – 2020) and Ruth who has been writing the Digging Deeper section since 2015. 

The blog and newsletter offer online readers the opportunity to join us in conversations about healing.  The Healing Thoughts newsletter is now an interactive online newsletter that can be read on your computer or mobile device.  The newsletter can also be downloaded as a PDF to be printed out.

created for the inheritance house [click here]
what we offer

Our Services

Original Artwork

We create original artwork for individuals and businesses.

Graphic Design

We design a variety of printed materials: business cards, brochures, and flyers.

Websites & Videos

We create unique websites and videos to help our clients serve their clients better.

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