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Welcome to Kingdom Creative Studio where we create God inspired art, multimedia, photography, and writing.  It is also our pleasure to paint custom made pet/animal portraits.

Our original artwork, photography, and writing make wonderful, unique gift ideas for every occassion.  Hand painted pet/animal portraits are one of our customers’ favorite gifts to give to their family and friends.

The artist has a degree in Social Work which gives her a compassionate heart for people struggling emotionally.  She is in the process of creating visual Journal Prompt cards to help people to begin verbally express their emotional struggles.  These cards are great for therapists, prayer ministers, and indiviuals.

If you have a passion to learn more about God as our Healer, enjoy reading, listening to audio teachings, and watching videos then we invite you to visit our sister site, Healing Thoughts Online.


since 2005

Kirsten has  fifteen (15) years creative experience working for Non-Profit Organizations.  Her primary focus was in graphic design creating marketing materials, newsletters, and social media posts.  Over the last 5 years, Kirsten has expanded her focus to include making short impactful videos for ministries and individuals.

In August of last year, she began the next step in her creative journey by becoming a full time artist and writer.   Kirsten, has always been enthralled by the beauty of God’s creation surrounding us in our daily lives.  She loves to photograph local wildlife, nature habitats, and flowers.  She then transforms those photographs into painted works of art.

It is her passion for people to come to know Jesus as their Healer.  Believing the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words led Kirsten to create Scripture Artwork that offers people a visual representation of Bible verses or Biblical concepts.  It is her prayer that the Scripture Artwork will aid people in digging deeper into God’s Word.

One of Kirsten’s favorite past times is to create custom hand painted pet/animal portraits.  She enjoys the joy and smiles it brings to people.

Image Title:  The Protector



Photoshop Artistry

Unique artwork from photographs of local Florida wildlife.  Each image is digitally altered and painted in Photoshop.  The final piece is a distinctive photoshop artistry creation.

Scripture Artwork

Visual representations of Scripture verses and Bible Concepts.  The foundation for our work begins with either a photograph of a person or an original custom created 3D model.  We then composite and paint the scene in Photoshop.

Pet Portraits

We love creating personalized pet portraits of your furry family members!  Send us a photograph of your pet.  Then tell us about their personality.  We will then digitally paint you a portrait you can cherish.  We also do memorial pet portraits.


what people are saying

“Keen & Intuitive”

“Kirsten has an extraordinary eye for color and design as well as an ability to be distinct and creative.  Her many skills make her a joy to work with and her finished products are innovative and cutting edge.”

The Inheritance House
Rose S


“Kirsten brings a level of professionalism and class to web design that is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her for any web design.”

The Cori
Joshua C


A couple of days after a 5 minute conversation, Kirsten had created a book cover that captured exactly what I wanted.  Even thought I had no idea what that was until I saw it.”

Book Cover Design
Charlie Camorata


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